Guitar Center Review: Is It Worth Buying From?

This is a very detailed review of Guitar Center.

In this up-to-date review I’ll break down:

  • Who Guitar Center is.
  • What makes Guitar Center stand out. 
  • Guitar Center’s Key features
  • Things I like 
  • Thing I don’t like
  • Whether or not their business is worth your time.
  • And much more!

Let’s get started!

Guitar Center Review
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Who Is Guitar Center?

Guitar Center is an online store that sells musical products, mainly guitars hence the name. They have some of the finest tone-wood guitars. But they also have many other products in their catalog such as basses, amps, drums, mics and many more to choose from. 

Guitar Center Review

Guitar Center is one of the leading musical instruments, lessons, repairs and rentals retailers within the United States.

Having almost 300 locations throughout the United States and one of the best websites doing direct sales in this industry, they have been of great service to many people creating music for more than 5 decades.

With incomparable in-store experience and dedication to make products easy to purchase, Guitar Center is all about providing the ability for musicians and non-musicians to experience the nearly unparalleled excitement that you get when playing an instrument.

What Makes Guitar Center Stand Out?

As stated earlier in the article Guitar Center has nearly 300 stores throughout the U.S.

They also have more than 40,000 products to choose from within their inventory. That is a very huge inventory compared to other companies in the industry.

With that being said, if you see a product somewhere other than Guitar Center with a better price they will do a price match and match the price of the competitor.

Guitar Center also provides customers with many different musician-based services. This includes guitar lessons, where anyone no matter what their age or skill level is can learn to play multiple different instruments in multiple music genres.

Guitar Center offers on-site repairs and maintenance services along with instruments and other gear that are able to be rented easily.

In addition to all of that, Guitar Center has sister brands that include Music and Arts, and they operate over 200 locations that specialize in band and orchestra instruments that you can buy or either rent.

These services are for college professors and students, teachers and band directors.

Customer Service & Support

Guitar Center offers you the ability to shop online and make a purchase when ever convenient for you, and pick up your purchased product at your local store.
If you order a product that says “Available Now” it will be available for you to go and pick it up right away. But, if your product needs to be shipped then your item will usually ship to the selected store within 3 to 5 business days.
They have dedicated and trained staff to provide their customers with the best results for their musical needs.
Repair and Replace
With the repair and replace plans they offer you will be at peace if unexpected damage Our replacement and repair plans offer you peace of mind when unexpected damage takes place. This coverage is available for brand new and used products.
International Shipping
Products are shipped to more than 100 different countries around the world. The prices will be shown in each countries preferred currency.  The exchange rates and order totals are guaranteed at checkout.

What I Like About Guitar Center

There are a few things I like about Guitar Center that stud out to me. One of those things is the fact that they have such a big inventory of more than 40,000 products and they have been in business for about 50 years now with a well established brand name.

They are also an A++ BBB accredited organization which great and adds to their brand credibility.  Their customer service was also excellent and the fact that their return policy is so great having 45 days to return select items made me feel comfortable with my purchase. 

I also like the fact that the Guitar Center website is easy to navigate, with each category labeled properly to make their products easy to find.

Whether it’s physical products, services such as rentals and repairs or music lessons everything is label as such. And it doesn’t take long to receive your items after you order.

But, lets say you don’t want to order online and you want to see their inventory in person. All you would have to do it go to location map and enter your local zip code. Here’s an example below.

When you go to their website, scroll to the bottom of the page and look to the right under the “support” tab and click on the “Locations” link.

location map

After you click on the “Locations” link the locations map will appear on the next page. All you will need to do is enter the zip code of the area you live in and the nearby locations will appear on the map.

location map

What I Didn't Like About Guitar Center?

Now for some of the things that I don’t like. Something to mention in this Guitar Center review that I don’t like is how they have many bad reviews. When I first saw that they had all of those bad reviews it made me not want to purchase anything from them.

But, I took a chance and to my surprise it turned out very great for me and I got exactly what I wanted with excellent customer service to add to this great company. And also the fact that they actually responded to those reviews let me know that they wanted to satisfy their customers so I gave it shot. 

Another thing that I don’t like is that you don’t have the option to cycle through all of the deals that they may offer or if they are only offering one deal that it is not a variety of deals to choose from like some of their competitors.

What Is Pricing On Their Products Like?

This Guitar Center review wouldn’t be complete without the pricing topic.

But, I don’t see anything wrong with their pricing for the simple fact that they have so many different products the choose from and a wide range of prices. For example, the prices on their guitars range anywhere from $50 all the way up to $30,000+.

Now that is a wide range when it comes to pricing meaning no matter what your budget is, Guitar Center may have some you like and also something you can afford.

Guitar pricing


Yes Guitar Center Offers Financing!

With a Guitar Center Gear Card, you can get a ton of benefits. Some of which include having no annual fee, easy monthly payments and exclusive financing offers.

It’s very simple, just fill out an online application or you can just visit a physical location in your local area. If you have a Gear Card you can have special financing deals applied automatically to your purchases that qualify.

Business-to-Business Program

“Guitar Center also have a Business-to-Business Program that enables professional clients and their authorized users to make purchases in any store throughout the country and receive one consolidated monthly bill.”

Leasing Equipment

“Leasing is an excellent way to finance larger purchases. Get the tools you need right away and make affordable monthly payments.”

Guitar Center Review Bottom Line: Is It Worth Your Business?

Now, the bottom line is I think Guitar Center is a great place to purchase a guitar or any other sound and musical equipment.

I had a great experience with them and can honestly say that I am satisfied with my product and with the quality customer service that I was shown when dealing with their company.

So if your in the market for a guitar or some musical equipment, don’t hesitate to browse around Guitar Center whether you go to a physical location or just shop online. 

They have shown that they are completely for keeping their customers satisfied and coming back for more.

And with the 45 day return policy on select items, it is clear that they stand proudly behind their products and their company.

So, give them a try!

Now The Choice Is Yours!


That is it for my Guitar Center review.

I hope you enjoyed and this article was very informative for you.

Now I would like to hear your thoughts about them:

Have you ever purchased anything from Guitar Center before?

If you have, tell me about your experience with them? Was it good? Bad? Or maybe you just didn’t really pay much attention to the experience?

Which ever way you answer, just let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Wayne is a long time guitar enthusiast that is forever learning more about the craft of guitars. Whether it's playing guitars, building them, prepping them to be played or just talking about them. Wayne would be the guy to go to.

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Wayne is a long time guitar enthusiast that is forever learning more about the craft of guitars. Whether it's playing guitars, building them, prepping them to be played or just talking about them. Wayne would be the guy to go to.

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